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Advanced Data Analytics in Transport

Advanced Data Analytics in Transport (ADAIT) is a research and development team in Data61. The ADAIT team resides in the Analytics Program of Data61, one of the world-leading research groups in its league. The team collaborates with the Business and Development Team of Data61 on commercial projects.

The ADAIT pursues research excellence and industrial impact. It aspires to bridge research outcome and commercial requirement with active, efficient and transparent engagement. Since its inception, the team has developed an excellent track record on research and project delivery. Success of ADAIT is shaped by the insights from data, the innovative approaches and the long-term engagement with the industry.

Insights from the ubiquitous data generated from road traffic
ADAIT's technologies draw insights from traffic data, and support:
  • Monitoring the entire traffic network, including suburban streets, and providing quantitative measures of operational performance.
  • Evaluating transport projects in terms of impact on traffic demand and distribution.
  • Quantify and resolve the impact of traffic incidents.
  • Influencing traveller behaviour through real-time information.
Innovative Approach
ADAIT is developing and applying new machine learning techniques with transport modelling tools, creating:
  • Integrated traffic databases, fusing multiple private and public sector data sources
  • Comprehensive machine learning libraries for traffic data analytics
  • Large-scale transport modelling platforms
ADAIT's machine learning researchers are building advanced data analytic tools, enabling safer, quicker, and smarter analysis of transport networks.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of transport policy, project and pricing schemes for large-scale metropolitan areas
  • Solution-oriented, practical, dynamic traffic pattern analysis & real-time prediction
  • Multi-modal data fusion, integrating social network feeds to highlight abnormal traffic patterns
Industry Engagement
NICTA is working with public and private sector organisations to improve planning, design, operation and maintenance of urban road networks for passenger and freight traffic.
The Advanced Data Analytics in Transport team is a part of Data61 research organisation. Data61 is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Australian Research Council through the ICT Centre of Excellence Program.


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