GoGet Data Analytics
User Behaviour and Demand Forecasting


GoGet is Australia's first car share company with cars that had no 'home'. GoGet is more convenient than car rental, cheaper than owning a car and a great way to do our bit for the environment. GoGet membership gives users self-service access to cars across Australia, all available to book and access 24/7. They are working on how to better map members to cars and demand to supply and developing tools and systems to manage over 1250 vehicles in close to 1000 locations.

The ADAIT team met with GoGet to discuss about co-operated work in data visualisation and analytics to improve GoGet's service management system and business model. Initial data sets from GoGet have been released to NICTA for investigation of potential deliverables.


The ADAIT team developed Trips View web-application. This application allows:

  • Select Pod on map to view cars and select car to view trips.
  • Past and real-time tracking systems with routes on map, timeline and log of locations.

The application uses HERE API to create information bubble with HTML content, custom shape overlay, shortest path routing, and reverse geocoding. The application also interfaces with NICTA Subspace for 3D Map and timelines visualisation.


The Trips View web-application won the first place award by HERE, and third place award by GoGet at the Hack Context hosted by GeoNext 2014. The core innovation of the application has been taken further for research and development.

GoGet car pod
GoGet Car Pod
Car pod locations in Inner Sydney
Car Pod Locations in Inner Sydney
Pod activity heat map
Pod Activity Heat Map