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Human Computer Interface Design
NSW Government - Transport for NSW


Human Computer Interface Design


The major criteria in the experiment design are:

  • Minimal disruption to the TOR operations: study will not pre-empt operators' duties;
  • Minimal disruption to other TMC staff: minimise requests to other TMC staff;
  • Minimal disruption to the TOR equipment: ensure minimal impact on TOR computers and network's performance;
  • Viable data recording: ensure data format and volume match analysis requirements.


The following signals are suggested to reflect cognitive load:

  • Mouse and keyboard usage: extensively used in the TOR;
  • Speech: sensitive measure;
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR): sensitive measure;
  • Eye gaze, pupil dilation: sensitive measure, state of the art research;
  • Posture: exploratory feature.
A typical workstation for a TOR operator has been instrumented for data collection studies.