Sydney CBD Mobility
Understand Demand from Data
NSW Government - Transport for NSW


The CBD and South East Light Rail project is a major effort by the NSW Government to mitigate congestion in and around the Sydney CBD. Central to the light rail project is the reconstruction of George Street, and make it basically inaccessible by private vehicles. The RMS commissioned the ADAIT team in late 2013 to evaluate the impact of closing George Street on the traffic in and around the Sydney CBD. This is regarded as an alternative approach to the conventionally evaluation based on modelling.


Mobility is a realisation of travel demand. To understand the impact on mobility and traffic is to understand the demand and its reaction to infrastructure provision. The ADAIT team developed an innovative technique based on compressed sensing technologies to derive origin-destination demand matrix from multiple data sources. This technique allows transport planners to establish fine gain traffic analysis zones in the CBD, and calibrate the demand between zones against observed traffic data.


The project identified the optimal zoning for the Sydney CBD. The compressed sensing technologies produced highly accurate estimate of traffic flow with a sparse origin-destination matrix. The outcomes provide a solid base for estimating the impact of closing George Street on the mobility for Sydney CBD.

Fine-grained zoning and precise traffic flow estimates for the Sydney CBD.