Traffic Watch
Incident Detection from Social Media
NSW Government - Transport for NSW


Social networks have become a valuable source of real-time information. Transport Management Centre (TMC) of New South Wales has collaborated with NICTA to develop Traffic Watch, a system that leverages Twitter as a channel for transport network monitoring, and incident and event management. Findings from the use of Traffic Watch at NSW Transport Management Centre demonstrated that it has potential to report incidents earlier than other data sources, as well as identifying unreported incidents.


This system uses advanced web technologies and state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) algorithms. The live web interface is based on NICTA Subspace and 3D Cesium Bing map to provide a spatial and temporal display of tweets that are potentially related to transport issues. The crawled tweets are first filtered to show incidents in Australia, and then divided into different groups by online clustering and classification algorithms.


  • Live 3D map interface displays recent traffic incidents in NSW.
  • Automatic incident classification model.
  • Automatic traffic entities recognition model.
  • Location detection and geo-coding mechanism.
  • Aggregating Tweets into meaningful clusters.